About EVChargers.Pro

Discover why we are the counties number one choice

About EVChargers.Pro

Who cannot be fascinated about helping the world move towards a sustainable method of transportation?

Certainly at EVchargers.Pro we have been involved in this ever expanding market since 2019 and have used the power of word of mouth marketing to build our business.

When you do a great job at installing charging points, it’s a delight to find more and more customers seeking us out BEFORE we ever went online in the normal method of business.

So welcome to the new EVchargers.pro home and we look forward to being of service to you and your family, as we transition you effortlessly towards a cost-efficient and green motoring future.


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What People are Saying

“A Great Find”

The charging stations are aesthetically pleasing, sleek, user-friendly and perfect for our

Patricia James

“Fabulous Service”

I am comfortable recommending EVChargers to other properties looking for a solution.

Steven Rashford


Made it easy to be one of the first properties to install the newest and most viable green amenity

Dean Hilton


EvChargers made the whole process of planning, installing and managing the stations completely pain free.”

John Bateman